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What You Can Do!

Mosquito Control begins at home.
If you can eliminate any standing water around your home, mosquitoes will have no place to breed.
Anything that can hold water has the potential to become a mosquito-breeding site.

Here is a list of some common sites that hold water, and thus breed mosquitoes:  

        Clogged gutters that donít allow water to flow freely

        Old tires

        Plastic wading pools

        Clay pots and various plastic containers

        Empty cans, bottles, discarded toys, etc.

        Tarps used to cover pools, boats, etc.

        Canoes and small boats

        Water in bird baths more than 3 days old

        Garbage cans and upside-down lids

        Flower pot dishes

        Dripping outdoor water faucets

        Stagnant unused swimming pools

      Rain gutter splash blocks



Mosquitoes bite the hand that breeds them!



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