Mosquito Information
Mosquito Facts
  • The average mosquito consumes one millionth of a gallon of blood per bite.*

  • There are several species of mosquitoes whose larvae will eat other mosquito larvae.

  • The female mates once and can then lay as many batches of eggs that she can.

  • Even though they are aquatic, mosquito larvae still breath air.

  • Most mosquitoes only travel 1 - 2 miles from their breeding habitat.

  • There are species that can travel 100 miles from the breeding habitat.

  • The average mosquito weighs 2.5 milligrams.*

  • The bump from a mosquito bite is your body’s reaction to a protein from the bite.

  • There are species of mosquito that only bite reptiles and amphibians. (frogs and turtles)

  • More people have died from mosquito-borne diseases than from all wars put together.

    ( * ) from “The Mosquito Book” by Scott Anderson & Tony Dierkins

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